Using Sweep: Fun with Scrubby

Conrad Parker

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia

Table of Contents
1. Getting around in Sweep
Viewing the waveform
Main window
Zoomed In
Vertical Zoom
Extended Selections
2. Meet Scrubby!
3. Basic audio editing
Basic editing
Simple edits
Using the clipboard
Built-in processing
Sample operations
Edit History
Saving and export
PCM formats are supported via Erik de Castro Lopo's libsndfile.
Ogg Vorbis
4. LADSPA effects plugins
5. immersive loop mode recording
Scrubbing during recording
6. beatmixing and scrubbing technique
More playback modes
How does a DJ mix records?
How does a hip-hop DJ scratch?
7. Resources
Mailing lists
List of Figures
1-1. Main waveform view
1-2. Zoomed in
1-3. Vertical Zoom
1-4. Extended Selection
2-1. Scrubby
3-1. Paste crossfade
3-2. Sample rate conversion
3-3. Edit history
3-4. Ogg Vorbis export
3-5. Speex encoding
3-6. MP3 export
4-1. Multivoice Chorus
5-1. Recording