Chapter 3. Basic audio editing

Table of Contents
Basic editing
Saving and export

This chapter introduces Sweep's general editing features. The file displayed is Drumswork by Gabriele Trombetti, a short electronic music piece which he provides as a benchmark track for comparing the quality of the various lossy encoders.

Basic editing

Simple edits

  • Delete

  • Clear

  • Crop

Using the clipboard

  • Cut

  • Copy

  • Paste Insert

  • Paste Mix

  • Paste Crossfade

Figure 3-1. Paste crossfade

Built-in processing

  • Fade In / Out

  • Reverse

  • Normalise

Sample operations

  • Channel conversions

  • Sample rate conversion

Figure 3-2. Sample rate conversion

Edit History

Figure 3-3. Edit history

Sweep maintains a history of your editing session, and you can easily undo and redo through many previous operations.