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Latest version: 0.30.2 released Wed May 15 2002
Development hosted at Source

AUBE is a system for sound generation and processing. You can process audio on the fly by setting up arbitrary configurations of sound generators, sequencers and effects modules, through which sound is played, filtered, and recorded.

"Aube is ... a pleasure to navigate, and the entire program is great fun as well as serious software for making music in Linux."

Dave Phillips, "The Book of Linux Music and Sound", No Starch Press 2000

It is Free Software, available under the GNU General Public Licence.

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The following plugin modules are included in AUBE:


  • "klavier" on-screen keyboard (using the klav widget by Simon Kågedal)
  • a drum machine style loop sequencer
  • an atonal loop sequencer


  • load and save many PCM file formats (WAV, AIFF, etc.) with inbuilt sample bank.
  • a sample player
  • a sample recorder and looper


  • Syre, an additive synthesiser, with amplitude and pitch envelopes and independent control of 32 harmonics.
  • a whitenoise generator


  • a resonant low pass filter, with triggered envelopes for modulating the amount of resonance and the cutoff frequency.
  • a delay module, for inserting an echo into an audio stream.
  • a panner module, for adjusting the panning on any stereo stream
  • a 4-way panner, which splits a stereo stream into forward and rear stereo streams for "quadraphonic" sound.


  • a "general mixer" for mixing a number of streams together
  • a cross-fader for mixing between two streams

Playback and recording

  • Line In and Out modules, for reading from or writing to soundcards using the /dev/dsp interface (ie. Open Sound System compatability).


Example Sounds

 I've made various short recordings using AUBE under the name Kobi.

I also made some sounds for Gnome desktop events, which you can get from here.


 Here's a quick start guide to getting sounds out of AUBE.

Dave Phillips' "The Book of Linux Music and Sound" (No Starch Press, 2000) contains a great introduction to AUBE.

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