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Latest version: 0.30.2 released Wed May 15 2002
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Screenshots by Kobi

 Here's some example configurations with links to the sounds generated.

Norgen_20000131 (170k JPEG)

To get a taste of what this configuration sounds like, listen to Kobi-Norgen_20000131.mp3 [HTTP] (96k MP3) [0:05]. (That's only a few seconds long but you'll get the idea...).

Martcht_20000202 (174k JPEG)

Similar story, this one sounds like Kobi-Martcht_20000202.mp3 [HTTP](96k MP3) [0:05].

Versh_20000203 (219k JPEG)

Sounds like Kobi-Versh_20000203.mp3 [HTTP] (96k MP3) [0:05].

Dozamo_20000203 (219k JPEG)

Sometime during or after Kobi-Dozamo_20000203.mp3 [HTTP](9512k MP3) [9:54].

Rhazmos_20000209 (219k JPEG)

Just after Kobi-Rhazmos_20000209.mp3 [HTTP] (5626k MP3) [6:00].

Older Screenshots


Some older screenshots, taken on May 20 1998.

Grab 1
A klavier drives syre, which is fed through a delay module to the soundcard.
Grab 2
A klavier drives a syre, which is fed through a delay as before. Now there is also a whitenoise generator, which is fed through a resonant low pass filter. This filter is triggered by the same klavier that drives the syre. Both outputs are mixed through a crossfader to the output.
Grab 3
Here /dev/dsp is used for input. It is fed through a delay module to /dev/dsp1. The result is a realtime echo of microphone input.
Grab 4
This is a demonstration of the quadraphonic setup. A sound is generated with the usual klavier/syre/delay combination. That then goes to the 4-way panner/fader module which splits its stereo input into two stereo output streams (forward and rear). Each of these is then output via a different soundcard (the forward stream goes to /dev/dsp and the rear stream to /dev/dsp1).

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