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Latest version: 0.30.2 released Wed May 15 2002
Development hosted at Source



  • GTK+ AUBE uses the Gimp Toolkit (version 1.x) for its user interface.
  • AudioFile You'll need the Audio File Library to make use of sample loading and saving (also available with Gnome) -- make sure to get a version of audiofile >=0.1.11, as earlier versions had problems loading some kinds of files.


  Source tarballs are available here [HTTP].

Latest source tarball:

Obsolete dependencies

AUBE 0.21.0 and 0.21.1 used libxml, which is now a standard part of Gnome. However, libxml has changed since AUBE 0.21.1 was released (in 1999) and the xml support no longer compiles. Versions 0.21.1a through 0.21.1e address this problem, but do not support the loading and saving of module setups.

AUBE versions 0.30.0 onwards have no dependency on libxml.

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