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Fri Apr 30 15:06:10 EST 2004 Conrad Parker 

	* moved sources back into CVS; check CVS logs for full changes
	* released 0.8.3

Thu Sep  4 11:54:23 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* added es_ES translation by Juan Manuel Mart\xednez
	* updated it translation from Yuri Bongiorno

Sat Apr 29 02:48:14 EST 2003 Silvia Pfeiffer 

	* driver_alsa.c: deleting double line #include 
	* fixed files in src directory with config.h includes
	* fixed inclusion of licensing info GPL in some src files
	* fixed static string i18n also including _(...) for them
	* added some strings to i18n

Tue Apr 15 09:43:58 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* driver_alsa.c: changed alsa init to use *_near functions

Tue Apr  1 18:10:06 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* driver_alsa.c: added endianness patch from Erik de Castro Lopo
	* file_speex.c: added VBR without DTX option for speex-1.0rc3

Tue Feb 18 06:59:23 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* sample-display.c: added Super_L (new Logo mapping) to scrubbing keys
	* driver_alsa.c: merged in ALSA 0.9 code from Zenaan Harkness
	* driver.c: abstracted out config dialog for both OSS and ALSA

Tue Feb 11 22:00:36 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* el.po: new file -- Greek translation by Dokianakis Fanis
	* param.c: fixed granularity of sliders in process dialogs

Thu Feb  6 20:44:05 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* file_speex.c: added stereo handling and skipping of extra headers

Mon Feb  3 22:33:04 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* edit.c: updated splice_in_eb to use realloc

Wed Jan 29 23:51:02 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* edit.c: added refcounting to edit buffers
	* edit.c: removed edit_buffer_copy calls in copy and paste insert ops
	* edit.c: switched edit region allocations to mmap temp files
	* file_dialogs.c: modified load to create new for nonexistant files
	* file_dialogs.c: added pathname arg to new dialog
	* main.c: prepended cwd to naked filenames before loading
	* file_sndfile1.c: updated raw error string for recent libsndfile1

Sat Jan 18 16:49:49 EST 2003 Conrad Parker 

	* added monitoring functionality
	* it.po: updated from Yuri Bongiorno
	* fixed wacky play/play sel keyboard interaction (thx Heimo!)

Fri Dec 20 17:36:27 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* notes.c, param.c, view.c: pasting preprocessor fixes and note
	cleanups by Erik de Castro Lopo
	for NetBSD (should be empty string on Solaris) -- by Julio Merino
	* byenergy.c: fixed spelling error (reported by Yuri Bongiorno)
	* fade.c: new file -- fade in and out filters

Fri Dec  6 14:54:33 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* README.i18n: new file from Silvia Pfeiffer
	* it.po: updated from Yuri Bongiorno
	* byenergy.c: fixed typo "threshholdor"

Thu Dec  5 14:47:11 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_dialogs.c: fixed stupid bug in mp3 extension checking
	* play.c, notes.c: fixed bug in pitched playback
	* callbacks.c, view.c: fixed overzealous setting of playmarker
	on refresh of scrollbar adjustment
	* play.c: fixed preview cut and preroll, moved out of experimental

Thu Nov 28 14:49:48 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* about_dialogs.c, file_dialogs.c, main.c, preferences.c: applied
	patch from Andre Pang to fix some compile warnings on OS X
	* driver_alsa.c: removed naked #include 

Wed Nov 27 23:59:00 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: fixed bug in descriptions of selection actions
	* paste_dialogs.c, edit.c: fixed paste_mix and paste_xfade, moved
	out of experimental
	* sample-display.c, sweep_sample.c: added Ctrl-Arrow Left/Right
	to move cursor between selection edges
	* view.c: added remember/zoom to area functionality
	* view.c: included full first word of plugin names in process menu

Tue Nov 26 12:19:21 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* samplerate.c: updated for libsamplerate-0.0.11

Mon Nov 25 22:44:26 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* moved ALSA build out of experimental
	* driver_alsa.c: updates from Zenaan Harkness

Sat Nov 23 14:35:33 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_dialogs.c: added check of pathname extension before attempting
	load as mp3; workaround inaccurate guessing of mp3 files (raw PCM
	is sometimes guessed as mp3 otherwise)
	* file_speex.c: updated to allow ultra wideband mode (speex-1.0beta3)
	* sw_chooser.c: added 32 kHz (uwb) mode to samplerate chooser
	* samplerate.c: updated for libsamplerate-0.0.9, added quality menu

Fri Nov  1 23:09:12 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* question_dialogs.c: switched from syserr_r (broken in glibc) to

Thu Oct 31 11:07:29 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* channelops.c: removed broken reference to 

Wed Oct 30 18:37:01 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* question_dialogs.c: changed syserror_dialog to use strerror_r
	* preferences.c, driver.c: Solaris compile fixes as outlined in
	Sourceforge bug report #625528
	* src/ commented out sweep_LDFLAGS = -Wl,--export as
	requested by #625528; this was originally in place for Solaris
	anyway, please advise if this breaks anything.

Wed Oct 30 09:45:33 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_*.c: added file_method to load functions; fixes a 'save' bug
	* db_ruler.[ch]: new file -- dB ruler
	* view.c, db_ruler.c: vertical zoom
	* chanelsops.c: added channel duplicate ops

Sun Oct 27 14:28:27 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* channelops.[ch]: new files -- channel operations
	* resample.c: added undo for resampling; moved out of experimental

Tue Oct 22 23:58:05 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed 'other libs' in check for libspeex
	* resample.c: new file -- preliminary support for secret rabbit code

21 Oct 2002 07:36:38 +1100 Zenaan Harkness 

	* view.c: nicer volume & pitch slider adjustments

Sat Oct 19 03:16:19 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_speex.c: new file -- Speex import/export

Thu Oct 17 16:40:53 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_dialogs.c: added "MP3 export unsupported" dialog

Wed Oct 16 10:16:17 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: added check for IDLE in sample_set_progress_ready()
	* record.c: moved select out of ops_mutex lock
	* head.c, sample-display.c: fixed tracking of record marker
	* main.c: added initial question (new file or load file)
	* question_dialogs.c: added quit_if_no_files stuff
	* file_sndfile[01].c: added try_raw flags
	* play.c: fixed rounding error in mixing files of different rate

Mon Oct 14 18:58:21 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sample-display.c: added lock on ops_mutex in draw_data_channel

Mon Oct 14 00:37:44 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_mad.c: new file -- mpeg audio import via libmad

Thu Oct 10 11:38:24 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_sndfile0.c: backported all error checking etc.

Wed Oct  9 18:14:05 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* configure: filled out ogg vorbis checks, and ov_read_float args
	* file_vorbis.c: put metadata handling in experimental branch, put
	  in support for old 3 arg ov_read_float ()

Wed Oct 9 00:29:06 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: prettied up "new file" dialog, added remember
	  functionality, added memory size calculation and filename input
	* file_sndfile1.c, file_vorbis.c: moved setting of pathname to
	  occur after a successful save only
	* file_sndfile1.c, file_vorbis.c: added sweep_perror()s throughout
	* file_vorbis.c: added stats on file size
	* question_dialogs.c: added pixmap field (suggested by Silvia)

Tue Oct 8 00:38:13 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: fixed mtime copying in sample_copy
	* question_dialogs.c: added sweep_perror errno info dialog
	* file_sndfile1.c: moved perror reporting to sweep_perror
	* timeouts.c: new file -- thread safe wrapper around gtk_timeout
	* sweep_sample.c, question_dialogs.c: switched tmp_message and
	  dialogs to use sweep_timeout to invoke gtk stuff
	* file_dialogs.c: added file access and dir existence checks
	* sw_chooser.[ch]: new files -- widgets for choosing samplerate
	  and channels
	* sweep_sample.c, file_sndfile1.c: updated to use sw_chooser

Sat Oct  5 11:09:07 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_vorbis.c: added full vorbis encoding options
	* file_sndfile1.c: added logo etc., turned on DITHER_ON_WRITE

Wed Oct  2 23:44:34 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_vorbis.c: new file -- added Ogg Vorbis import/export
	* file_dialogs.c, sweep_app.h: made file handling method generic

Sun Sep 29 23:27:02 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: clamped percentage between 0 and 100
	* play.c: fixed bug in starting position of pitched playback
	* file_sndfile[01].c: added entry for samplerate in raw PCM load

Wed Sep 25 22:42:12 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* sweep_sample.c: added check for files playing to quit dialogs

Wed Sep 25 17:40:55 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_sndfile0.c: updates for libsndfile0 (for purposes of
	  backporting -- not recommended and must be explicitly enabled)
	* edit.c: added check for format compatability in paste ops

Mon Sep 23 23:13:07 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* file_sndfile1.c: fixed percent bug in load/save of very short files
	* view.c: fixed "ruler assumes 44100 samples/sec" (Debian bug #161721)
	* sweep_filter.c: fixed cancelling of SweepFilter plugins
	* ladspameta.c, normalise.c, reverse.c: fixed cancelation of plugins

Sat Sep 21 21:39:22 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* question_dialogs.c: new file -- dialogs for info and questions,
	  with sample locking
	* file_*.c: fixed revert, moved back into non-experimental mainline
	* file_*.c: added monitoring of mtime, and dialogs on save and edit
	  if file has changed on disk
	* callbacks.c, view.c: added "are you sure" dialogs when closing or
	  quitting with modified files

Wed Sep 18 22:20:01 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* play.c: made scrubbing independent of nr. channels (scrub_rate)
	* ladspameta.c: fixed segv in handling of mono files and filters
	* callbacks.c: made scrubby stop if space is pressed (so you don't
	  lose your position by playback continuing when scrubby is released,
	  suggestion from swh)

Tue Sep 17 21:57:52 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* ladspameta.c: fixed channel de-interleaving/interleaving
	* ladspameta.c: switched to SweepFilter, instantiated separate
	  LADSPA_Handle for each iteration & internalised processing loop
	* ladspameta.c: fixed detection of upper and lower bounds
	* param.c: changed step relative to upper and lower bounds
	* ladspameta.c, reverse.c, normalise.c: fixed divide by 0 bug in
	  calculating percent for regions shorter than 100(ish) samples

Wed Sep 11 00:20:36 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* play.c: made scrubbing independent of sample rate (scrub_rate)
	* play.c: fixed reverse scrubbing
	* edit.c, record.c, sweep_filter.c: fixed divide by 0 bug in
	  calculating percent for regions shorter than 100 samples
	* edit.c: fixed handling of crop for selections starting at 0 and/or
	  ending at nr_frames
	* sweep_undo.c: fixed crash when playing during ALLOC operation
	  (eg. crop, paste, cut) -- forced stop of sample playback before op.

Sun Sep  8 11:25:43 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* configure: fixed unreported failure in libsndfile detection
	* configure: added warning if libsndfile0 detected
	* driver_oss.c: put DEBUG around naked g_print on GETOPTR failure
	* sample-display.c: reverted Scrubby to always play_all, even
	  when started within a selection (restricted scrubbing was wierd).
	* callbacks.c: removed old play_{all,sel}_{looped,once}_cb callbacks
	* callbacks.c: changed play callbacks to not stop if the play head
	  is already going, ie. just changing the restriction

Thu Sep  5 21:31:18 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* modified selection modification to invoke scrubbing

Wed Sep  4 15:05:04 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed bug in save as handling reported by Pauline Mak

Tue Sep  3 20:19:49 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* changed storing of last load and save directories to use
          preferences functions for persistence
	* added configure summary info for GTK+ and GLib
	* commented out pixmaps inst hook in toplevel
	* added non-failing check for gnome-moz-remote
	* added check for strchr (for NetBSD, from Julio Merino Vidal)

Mon Sep  2 21:35:57 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* added missing third arg to some ioctls, required for NetBSD
	  port (patch from Julio Merino Vidal)
	* fixed to fail when libtdb is not found
	* added configuration summaries to configure
	* changed --enable-devel to --enable-experimental

Sun Aug 25 20:18:25 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* added preferences loading/saving (preferences.[ch])
	* added dependency on libtdb

Tue Aug 13 02:03:08 EST 2002 Conrad Parker 

	* version 0.5.0
	* Everything has changed. Scrubby has you.

Sat May  5 20:51:26 -0500 2001 

	* fixed bug in save as handling

Fri Apr 27 13:22:44 EST 2001 Radoslaw Korzeniewski 
	* added Polish translation
	* fixed bug #414942 (segfault after revert)
	* removed duplicate memory allocation in file loading

Wed Oct 25 22:18:39 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed compile bug on Solaris (API change in driver.c)
	* fixed gtk assertion when zooming too far; created new
	  zoom functions in view.c
	* added new zoom types (norm and 1:1) from Steve Harris

Mon Oct 16 18:07:23 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed PACKAGE_PLUGIN_DIR defines in

Sun Oct  8 14:55:21 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* merged in new native plugin interface
	* merged in ALSA 0.6.0 support from Paul Barton-Davis
	* added ladspameta plugin for LADSPA support
	* added byenergy plugin
	* added Hungarian translation by Gergely Nagy
	* added Italian translation by Yuri Bongiorno
	* added German translation by Silvia Pfeiffer
	* added plugin_writers_guide.txt in doc/
	* set up include/ directory, moved sweep*.h header files to it
	* changed colour scheme
	* changed sweep.png desktop icon to match new colours
	* many small changes since version 0.0.9
	* released version 0.1.0

Thu Oct 05 20:48.03 GMT+2 2000 Nicolas Léveillé  

	* src/file_dialogs.c: file selection now has a memory 
	for the current directory.
	* src/file_dialogs.c+src/file_ops.c: fixed seg faults when
	user presses 'ok' without having selected anything.

Thu May 11 22:49:08 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* merged in Solaris audio driver code from Mattias Engdegĺrd
	* added autoconf tests for OSS and Solaris detection
	* renamed driver-oss.* to driver.*
	* fixed buglet giving gtk assertion when starting playmarker
	  after a device open had failed on a preceding playback.
	* added RPM .spec file, created redhat RPM and SRPM packages.

Wed May 10 23:31:01 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* added French translations by mathieu ROY
	* changed to colourful button pixmaps by mathieu ROY

Fri May  5 00:17:56 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed bug in overrunning playback buffer in some situations
	* corrected display of large samples
	* limited zoom out to handle multiplication overflow
	* added help menu and about dialog box

Wed May  3 09:56:09 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed bug in loading samples without complete pathname,
	  tracked down by Mark Taylor

Tue May  2 20:27:02 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* cleaned up layout of main sample views
	* updated basic documentation (README, man page)

Thu Apr 27 09:03:24 EST 2000 Conrad Parker 

	* fixed playmarker update bug when closing a sample
	* added position indicator
	* added button pixmaps to toolbox and play/stop buttons

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