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Scrubbing with Scrubby

What is scrubbing?

Generally, the scrub tool in a digital media editor allows you to locate specific items of interest or jump directly to specific points in time by interacting with a timeline or other visual representation of time.

Sweep features a number of innovative, complementary scrubbing methods:

  • The scrub tool, called "Scrubby", allows you to jump directly to specific portions of the waveform on screen, and gives immediate audio feedback. By slowly dragging the mouse cursor over the waveform, you can interactively listen to the waveform to sample accuracy.

  • When selecting a region or moving the edges of a region, Scrubby gives you immediate audible feedback. This makes it very easy to chop up sounds because you can hear the region edges while you are selecting.

  • The timeline above the waveform is always available as a scrubbing mechanism, without automatically invoking audio feedback. This is useful for navigation with quick scrubbing operations during playback.

  • Simply dragging the horizontal scrollbar during playback allows you to very quickly move through the file with audio feedback.

Meet Scrubby!


"They said it was a short man with serious funk but no-one could recall his true name. It appears he was a mysterious stranger. Some believe him to have mentioned the word Scrubby but others believed he was really the ultra-hip alter ego... Audioscandaglio." -- Patrick Shirkey, Fri Dec 13, 2002

Inside Sweep lives a pesky little virtual stylus called Scrubby who enjoys mixing around in your files. Scrubby can be quite a lot of fun to play with, because you can drag him around any digital audio file just like dragging the stylus around on a vinyl record.

For editing purposes, Scrubby can give you a very clear idea of exactly what is in the file you are editing. You can drag him around your cut points to find exactly where to make an edit, just like you would have slowly turned the reels on a tape machine in the old days. You can also place him in a file while an effect is being rendered to zone in on the changes in real time.

For DJing purposes, Scrubby really comes into his own. Sure, you can scrub around in all your favourite samples and loops. You can even scrub on live input: plug a microphone in, hit record and scrub on a vocalist's words as they are being recorded.

Sweep's basic DJing functionality includes simultaneously mixing an unlimited number of samples and loops, including live input, each with their own gain and +/-10% speed controls.

Taking this further, you can use Sweep's reverse playback toggle and piano style QWERTY playback (using your computer's keyboard to play musical notes, just like an old-school tracker) in conjunction with Scrubby for even more versatile performance techniques.

Scrubby is as easy to use as putting the needle on a record, and in conjunction with all of Sweep's other playback and recording features he turns Sweep into a really flexible environment for manipulating digital audio. Go Scrubby!

Audio demos

Below are some demos of how Scrubby sounds.

The OGG files are encoded in Ogg Vorbis format, a high quality free, open and unpatented audio compression format.

All source sample files used in the above demos are from royalty-free demo CDs unless otherwise noted.

Scrubby Wallpaper

  Put Scrubby in your background and he will always remind you to keep on scrubbing!.

320x240 [6 kB PNG] 
640x480 [17 kB PNG] 
800x600 [21 kB PNG] 
1024x768 [34 kB PNG] 
1280x1024 [44 kB PNG] 
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