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Please join #sweep on for general chat about Sweep use and development.


 The sweep-announce mailing list contains only announcements of new releases of the software and urgent project news. Examples of such news would include security advisories if any or major changes to the project resources. Day to day news items and intermediate developments as listed on the News page will not appear on sweep-announce. This list is designed to be extremely low volume, and it is moderated.

Use this page to subscribe to sweep-announce or to access the archives.

If you need machine-readable release announcments, contact me.


 This is an open mailing list for help and discussions about Sweep.

Use this page to subscribe to sweep-users or to access the archives.

To post a message to this list, mail sweep-users at


 sweep-devel is an open list for design discussions and distribution of sourcecode patches.

Use this page to subscribe to sweep-devel or to access the archives.

The list address is sweep-devel at

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