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Sweep has an active, open development community. You too can become one of the authors by following the guidelines set out here.

Most of Sweep's development uses the resources provided at SourceForge.

Reporting bugs

 Please use the tracking systems at to report bugs and to request new features.

If you have trouble using this interface, please simply email your report to sweep-devel at

Please report packaging problems through your distribution's bug tracking system.

sweep-devel mailing list

 If you would like to follow the development of Sweep please subscribe to the sweep-devel mailing list.

The sweep-devel list archives are available here.

Submitting patches

 Please create patches in diff -u format, and mail them to sweep-devel at

Subversion access

 Sweep is maintained in Subversion with anonymous read access. You can check out the most current version of sweep from here:

svn co sweep

You can browse the sources at

Developer documentation


Writing native sweep plugins

Read the Plugin Writers Guide to find out how to write a Sweep plugin.

This document also contains some of the information on Sweep's internals needed for hacking on the application itself.

Writing LADSPA plugins

If you intend to write plugins which only modify audio data, you are encouraged to use the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA) instead of writing a native Sweep plugin. See the LADSPA documentation, including the self-documenting header file ladspa.h for more details.

Translating Sweep into other languages

Sweep uses GNU gettext to make application messages available for translation into multiple languages. Please read the GNU gettext manual for more information on creating or updating a translation. When you have done this, please send the resulting .po file to sweep-devel at

Translations of Sweep documentation are also welcome!

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