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Sweep 0.5.0

 Version 0.5.0 [158 kB PNG]  This shows the edit history, recording dialog and editing of a four channel file. Warning: Scrubby makes an appearance in the background.

Sweep 0.4.0

 Version 0.4.0 [217 kB JPG]  Also, random screenshots from in-development versions of sweep are available here.

Computer Music Toolkit

 CMT Filters [129 kB JPG] This shows the "Filters" menu available when the Computer Music Toolkit effects plugins have been installed.

Select by energy

 Setting parameters [12 kB JPG] The parameter dialog for the "Select by energy" plugin.

Result [40 kB JPG] The result of running the "Select by energy" plugin on a sound file.

Screens full of sweep

 Lots of vocal samples [356 kB JPG] A full screen (1600 x 1200) image of sweep with 61 vocal samples loaded into it. This shot demonstrates sweep's multiple views (you can have a few different views open on the same sample, so as to zoom in on different parts of it), discontinuous selections (selections can contain many different regions of the sample. Filters are applied to all of these regions), and the effects of some basic filters (normalisation and reversing).

20000412 [286 kB JPG] Another earlier screenshot with many samples open.

20000417 [361 kB JPG] Note: this is what happens when you type 'sweep *' in the middle of your collection of synth samples. I advise that having manual placement turned ON in your window manager is a BAD MOVE when you're doing this sort of thing :)

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